If you own a business, someplace on the outside of your building, is a box that looks like this.

If the cabling looks like the circled parts of these images, then you should call your phone campany, and have them fix the cables, prior to you having problems.

The cable in the bottom that is circled, is the cable that leads to the street, where the phone company equipment is.  Those cables that are exposed are subject to the weather. When it rains, snows or whatever, shorting can occur, taking your business offline.

This company had a homeless camp behind the building.  Iquickly decided I wasn’t going to touch the cables, as the homeless people used the side of the building as a urinal. Gross.

Do yourself the favor though, look around your building, if you see this, be proactive and call and try to get it repaird before you have issues.

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