several pounds of yellow onions
4-6 cans beef consumebeef base/bouillon
corn starch
red wine

1) Peel and cut into small pieces the several pounds of onions.

2) Caramelize the onions on a very slow cook. This should take several hours, and the onions should be see thru.

3) Drain some of the liquid and store. Add Corn Starch to the mix, until the onions become a ball. Add back the liquid you stored, and stir the mix.

4) Add beef base/bouillon (this is where the flavor comes from. Add 4-6 cans of beef consume (to taste).

5) Now taste the soup. If the soup is too beefy, add water, too watery add dry beef base. After the flavor is dialed in, add ¼ bottle of wine for several pounds of onions.